Welcome to the Realm of Lórien!

Do you love gardening and walking in nature? Have you felt at peace while enjoying a beautiful sunset or admiring a breathtaking dawn? Are ancient cultures and the mystical fascinating to you? Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Well come wander through the gates of Lorien! The gardens are full of friendly faces, spirits, and peace. We are always anxious to meet new people. You won’t be overlooked. Check out the Realm ‘Charter’ and read all about Lórien in the ‘Valar Info’ section, then join and come for a walk with us, if you will. Don’t forget to wander on over to the Realm of Lórien Forum too! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Calenmarwen, Leader of the Realm of Lórien. From the mouths of members… calenmarwen: “Lorien is a second home to me now.” Awelyn418: Lorien is more like a family and I love it.

Whisperings from the Realm of Lórien or Realm News

September 11, 2010 Well Autumn is almost here again and Lorien’s realm head is still awelyn418 and Calenmarwen is leader beneath her. With Autumn comes a beauty of nature and holidays and the leaves turning color in some areas. Reminding us of the Mallorn tree. Beauty is all around us. Fall finds us reading The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling starting 9/11/10. We will be having quizzes and discussions. We will go the through the series. ‘! So come and join us! Dream with us! ~awelyn418

September 12, 2010 Autumn brings many opportunities for new realm activities! Like the writing activity Drabble in the book section. We would love for our members to use different mediums to express them selves I would love seeing some sunsets and sunrises. So,if you are great with a camera we would love to see your photos and it should be easier with a digital camera. We also have our dream section . Where we discuss dreams and the possible meanings. And our favorite games from the archives that we still play We have one new member and her name is on the welcome page of Lorien we call her LIH for short The Lady Arwen has honored us she is back and others. and the regulars pop in from time to time.. So come join us.Autumn Reading Challenge 2010! Read as many books as you can in two months and earn points in literature quizzes to join Lorien’s Hall of Fame and win a prize! . poll If you are looking for some fun, we have a brand new RPG to offer. It looks like they are going on a quest, but so far everything is still a little mysterious… ! ~Awelyn



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