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Frodo’s favorite tunes!

Elijah Wood will be at the Canadian radio station RADIOSONIC on June 1st! If you have RealPlayer you will be able to listen to his interview and his favorite tunes, LIVE! Go to the link to read more…they have a great picture of him, too!

Some New Images Posted

I just added a few dozen images taken from the collectible card game to the gallery. There are some great shots there that you might not have seen anywhere else. If you think there’s a specific card image that I should scan in (and I own the card), let me know, and I’ll scan it in.

The price of success?

We have read past stories on the Screen Actors Guild and Global Rule One, where guild members could face fines, suspension and expulsion if they accept work on non-union productions overseas that are aimed at the US market. Here is some more news regarding Global Rule One…(Read More)

London Two Towers Gathering

M is planning a London, UK Two Towers viewing party when the film debuts in that fine city. In a couple of months a sign up page will appear on the site for you to submit your willingness to participate so you have about 7 months to save money to go or to get your parents permission 🙂

It’s going to be a weekend of fun including a dinner, games, readings, discussions, going to the movie of course! and more. As time get’s closer we’ll be asking for London volunteers to help organize.

…and time stood still…

Woo hoo! A review! Of The Fellowship of the Ring DVD! Read about it at Lights Out Entertainment. I hope you are sitting down as you read it!

Chat Tonight

The usual time, the usual place

Bright and Shiny

New things small and large always find their way to COE check out the Links, Gallery, Multimedia, Fan Fiction and Elrond’s Library.

You never know what you might find!

Lord of the Rings trading cards

New cards are going to be added to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie cards set by Topps this summer, including some sneek peek cards from The Two Towers. You can read more about it at the Topps website.

Let the Lord of the Rings games begin!

Here are just a few of the tempting tidbits to be gleaned from the article at GameSpy:

“Electronic Arts is developing its own series for the PlayStation 2 that is officially based on the film series….The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers arrives in November, just after the special edition DVD release, and serves as a warm-up for fans waiting for the second film….Key locations from the first two films will be integral in the game, and the settings look as breathtaking as those in the film”.

Uncle Elrond Wants You!

COE is sponsoring our own Lord Of The Rings parody comic strip based on both the books and films.

We need a few good amateur or commercial illustrators, cartoonists, and/or charicature artists to help us out.

We’ve got the words if you’ve got the drawings…(read more)