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Peter Jackson doesn’t monkey around!

But that doesn’t mean he won’t. A re-make of King Kong by PJ? FilmJerk has the skinny!

She’s just plain ol’ Galadriel…

Concerning Cate Blanchett: “The 32-year-old Australian actor is a superstar in every way except attitude. She’s happily married to a nice but nondescript Australian bloke, she’s enduring sleepless nights – with baby son Dashiell – like every young mum, she meets interviewers in her cheap and cheerful …” read the rest of article at The Sydney Morning Herald

Does this mean Arwen can’t cook?

Viggo Mortensen LOVES Wellington, NZ–especially the food! Stuff has the story!

Sean Connery offered the part of Gandalf

The British actor Sean Connery told a journalist in Prague that he had been offered the part of Gandalf in the LotR films, but turned it down because he didn’t understand the story with the hobbits, elves and other characters.

He said that he hadn’t seen the film yet, but he was sure McKellen “would make a better Gandalf than me because he has probably not only read the books, but also understood them!”.

Please excuse my slightly dodgy German translation – if anyone can do a better job, the orginal article is here.

Collectors cards update

An updated version of the Topps Fellowship of the Rings movie cards will be avaliable in August – including new pictures, behind the scenes coverage and peeks at images from The Two Towers. Read about it here.

Buy the poster

The TTT teaser poster is now avaliable to buy online here, from the New Line shop.

See it in the cinema!

For those of you desparate to see the trailer for The Two Towers in the cinema, it is rumoured that it is on the start of Men in Black II. It is released on 3rd July in USA, and 2nd August in UK.

The White Book up at

Ian McKellen has released a set of notes about his experience of filming The Two Towers, called The White Book, which can be found here at

Those who remember the build up to Fellowhip of the Ring know what a great resource this site can be – if you haven’t seen it yet, check out The Grey Book about making FotR.

TTT title not changed

Ian McKellen has said that the title of The Two Towers film will not be changed, despite pressure from a petition who believe that it is offensive after 11th September. See the article here.

And you thought the poster was good…

The teaser trailer for TTT has been released onto the internet! See it at Movie List.