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TTT poster arrives!

The teaser poster for The Two Towers has arrived – hooray!

Viggo Mortensen launches his new book

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) is launching a book of his photographs and paintings, and mentions that getting back to filming The Two Towers “felt like we hadn’t missed a beat”. See the article at One News.

New official CD-ROM available

Newline cinema have released a LotR CD-ROM featuring screen savers, desktop wallpapers, posters, video extracts from the film, and also a paint studio. You can buy it for $25 at the NewLine shop.

LotR festival in Bonn, Germany

German visitors might be interested to know about RingCon 2002, a LotR festival in Bonn, Germany. Guests include the actors who played Haldir, Gil-Galad and Rosie Cotton – find out more at the website.

Lord of the Rings trading card game expansion

New expansion pack for The Lord of the Rings trading card game will soon be available. Decipher will be releasing the newest expansion of the trading card game ‘Realms of the Elf-Lords’ in late June. As ‘Mines of Moria’ focuses on dwarves, this deck will focus on elven culture. Read about it here

No Friday Night Chat

Sorry gang, M will be indisposed but feel free to use the chat room at your own risk!

Open Call for Artists

We know there are some very talented Tolkien lovers out there. If you’re not interested in our earlier call for participation in our comic series (see forum under Announcements) or our current web-site logo contest (see contest link in our welcome message above) perhaps you would still love to show case your brilliance by helping flesh out the Middle Earth section here at CoE…(Read More)

Read me a story, Nuncle Samwise…

Sean Astin reads “A Bad Case Of Stripes” by David Shannon. It is one of his daughter’s favorite books! You can hear him (and see pictures from the book), at BookPALS. Very cute!

That which we call a walnut by any other name would, uh, still be as crunchy.

Yes, I know. That’s a weird lead-in. But there is a facinating article at the June 2002 Oxford English Dictionary newsletter, which discusses what Tolkien was doing in 1919 and 1920, at the very start of his career–he was part of the staff of the Oxford English Dictionary; he later said of this time that he ‘learned more in those two years than in any other equal period of my life’.

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