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Sir Ian opens the mailbag…

…and replies to his fan mail. You can read the Q&A (including such questions as, “You know how Frodo’s eyes are so big and bright? Is that done artificially?”) on his website.

Taking liberties with Arwen

Any “Lord of the Rings” fan can tell you that Arwen isn’t in the second installment of the trilogy. So why is Liv Tyler in “The Two Towers?”

Find out here.

Interviews, interviews, interviews

GreenCine has more interviews posted than just co-writers and the director: there are several cast interviews as well! You can read Christopher Lee’s interview here, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd’s here, and Gollum’s article (Andy Serkis/Richard Taylor/Peter Jackson) here.

The Next Reel

In an interview with GreenCine, co-writer Philippa Boyens and director/writer Peter Jackson discuss the cliffhanger ending of the films, their reasons for changing certain aspects of the story (ie: Faramir), and more.

Two Towers sweepstakes is running a special Two Towers promotional contest.

Registration is available through January 18, 2003 – enter today!

Sneak a peek!

E! Online has three downloadable clips straight from The Two Towers.

Real Video and/or Windows Media required to view.

Program your recording devices!

E! will be featuring a behind the scenes special of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on Friday, December 26th at 6pm (EST, I assume – check your local listings).

Tasteful LotR parody?

Ananova has a (very) brief blurb about Ian McKellen’s attempted persuasion to have the French and Saunders parody of Lord of the Rings included as an Easter egg on one of the trilogy DVDs.

Christmas Greetings!

The shopping days are almost over, and it’s that time of year again! Have you forgotten to send someone a card? Need to get some extra-special greetings out extra-fast? Send a Council of Elrond Middle-earth Greeting!

New Year’s cards coming soon.

TTT domination comes as no surprise…

USA Today writes that “The Two Towers” dominated the box office this weekend. The new sequel took in more money than “Fellowship of the Ring” did last year, as well as opening in more theaters than the first film.