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Figure out how large Sméagol can get

“Since I came up with “Like This Would Happen!” last year right before Realms of the Elf-lords released, people have been bugging me to come up with another mind-bending puzzle/contest for our website….”. Follow the guidelines at Decipher for rules and prize information, to figure out Sméagol’s total strength in less than a day’s time.

Wellington world premiere

“A meeting of the Wellington City Council on Wednesday night could determine if the city holds the world premiere of the third Lord of the Rings film.” Read more at NZ City News.

Howe wonderful!

LOTR artist John Howe has updated his web site, with an enlightening discussion on maps, and where his next Tolkien exhibit will be.

Elrond could cure it!

SARS in New Zealand? Stuff tells us that the sickie still had a fun vacation!

Eowyn’s necklace

Jasmine Watson, the official jewelry designer for LOTR, has updated her web site with jewelry featured in The Two Towers.

Have you hugged your vote today?

Just a reminder for you: Be sure to vote for your favorite movie and actors at MTV! Don’t forget Gollum at Best Virtual Performance, precioussss…

Shore finishes score’s rough cut

Howard Shore is finished with the rough cut of the last installment of Lord of the Rings’ musical score! The Providence has a great (but brief) interview with him!

Win a replica of the One Ring!

Gandalf’s World gives us a chance to win a replica of the One Ring! Check it out here.

Good luck!

ROTK Filming News and MTV Awards Tidbit

From Ain’ It Cool News: Legolas has completed filming for RotK, Gollum’s at it now. Also, Andy Serkis has recorded a speech for the MTV Movie Awards…just in case. (NOTE: Ain’t It Cool News uses very frank language. Click the link with caution)

How LotR defied Hollywood’s rules

In his article “Watching ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – Again” Christopher Vogler, one of Hollywood’s most prominent story analysts, describes LotR as “the Tiger Balm of myth to ease the pain of a world imagination bruised by reality” and talks about how this project would probably not have survived a conventional Hollywood development meeting. If you want to know more about Vogler’s “Hero’s Journey”, I have posted an article in the “Discuss the Movies” Forum which applies this concept to LotR; or check out Vogler’s home site To read the article on-line, go here