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MTV movie awards

Be sure to watch the MTV Movie Awards
to root and see how well The Two Towers does! On Thursday, June 5th, the pre-show will begin 30 minutes before the awards, the awards will start at 9pm, and there will be a post-show afterwards as well.

Celebrating 50 years of Lord of the Rings

The Tolkien Society is planning a big 5 day conference/convention to celebrate the Lord of the Ring’s 50 year anniversary!

Tolkien Family Not Happy

The family of Lord Of The Rings author JRR Tolkien is furious that a London musical based on the books is being staged. Additionally, Tolkien’s son Christopher is said by a friend to be “catatonic over the success of the film and thinks all popular entertainment is unutterably low.” IMDb has the story–scroll about half-way down.

Lord of the Rings “Sheldon” comic

As a fan of Star Trek, I am also quite disturbed about the possibility of no more Trek films, but I don’t think my reaction is quite this bad … either way, The Lord of the Rings is always good.

Saruman speaks out

“It was wonderful to be involved,” [Christopher Lee] says. “The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book. What I find so incredible is that many authors can create great settings or plot or characters but Tolkien managed all that and created an entirely new language as well. I think that is an astonishing achievement.”

Read more.

Lord of the Rings the Musical

Yes it’s true. In Spring 2005 Lord of the Rings The Musical will hit the West End in London with an enormous budget behind it. “This will be like nothing the West End has ever seen before,” said producer Kevin Wallace. Read the story on BBC Online. Could you be the Frodo they’re looking for?

Words of wisdom from Gandalf the White

Ian McKellen has updated his LOTR E-Post–read the Q&A’s about Gandalf’s hat, Shadowfax, Frodo and Sam, Gandalf’s return, and more!

Teen Choice Awards Voting!

Teen Choice Awards has nominated TTT and Elijah Wood for all to vote! Elijah Wood has been nominated for ‘Choice Movie Actor -Drama/ Action Adventure’ for TTT and TTT was nominated in ‘Choice Movie – Drama/ Action Adventure’. So head on over and let your vote be heard!

A Mordor biker gang?

Harley Davidson seems to have jumped on the LotR merchandise bandwagon and will soon be releasing the ultimate collectible: a Lord of the Rings motorcycle!

Happy Birthday, Saruman!

Saruman is 81 today! Christopher Lee, born Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, was born May 27, 1922 in London, England UK. Happy Birthday, Christopher!