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Tolcon: Tolkien Convention Coming Soon!

A complete Tolkien Convention will be held on May 14-16, 2004 in Seattle, Washington. It will include everything for Tolkien lovers, from Elvish line dancing, to discussion about Tolkien’s writings, to current LOTR parodies. To find out more about this and make arrangements to attend, visit TolCon!

Reminder about 7up and Lord of the Rings

7up/Dr. Pepper will be releasing LOTR cans to celebrate the release of TTT on DVD and VHS! Collect can points for a chance to win a trip to New Zealand and attend the ROTK premiere!

Rings soundtrack voted best ever

The soundtrack for the Lord of the Rings has recently been voted the best movie soundtrack ever, according to a poll conducted by UK radio station Classic FM. Read the full story here at CBBC Newsround.

Two Towers DVD – selling ahead of the official release date in the UK

Some of us in the UK already have our DVD of the Two Towers as it’s being sold ahead of the official release date of 26th August. East Anglian Daily Times gives some details on how this happened. And the CoE thread TTT DVD out EARLY??? contains some more details of stores where the DVD is for sale in the UK.

We sees you, preciousssss

Sideshow Toy has busts of Gollum in pre-order mode. Also, Elrond is available again–that is to say, a statue of Elrond is in stock again, and available for pre-order! Both available in limited quantities!

More Tolkien details…

…for those so inclined. Tom Shippey has expanded his previous works on Tolkien, and the result is a new book, entitled: The Road to Middle Earth. There is a great review of this book over at the Kansas City Star.

On target!

Stuff has an article on Jan Koszler, archery expert for the three films. He made arrows for Legolas and Arwen, and taught them to be good archers!

Return of the King – more shoots and visual effects *spoilers*

USA Today has two great articles: ROTK shoots and Oscar speculation, and one on visual effects in ROTK one on visual effects in ROTK.

A whole ‘lotta Hobbit goin’ on!

Two weeks before The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is released, New Line Cinema plans to release in theatres the special extended editions of FOTR and TTT! Read the whole story at

Comic Con Pictures

The official site now has pictures from Comic Con. Go there and read about the event and view the exclusive photo gallery!