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Dwarf training to start in January

James Nesbitt, who is playing Bofur in The Hobbit movies, has revealed that dwarf training for The Hobbit will start in January. James along with other actors will be going to New Zealand to learn horse riding and sword fighting.

You can read the full story here.

CoE Store Item of the Month

For the month of December the CoE Store will be featuring the The Hobbit Collector’s Stein. This stein is hand crafted and features a scene of Smaug the dragon. Over 10 inches tall with a pewter lid. In stock and still time to order for the holidays.

Orlando Bloom set to Reprise Legolas in The Hobbit?

Orlando Bloom is claimed to be near to signing a deal to appear in The Hobbit films. The return of Legolas would be more than just a cameo, is reporting.

Cate Blanchett Back as Galadriel is reporting that Cate Blanchett will be joining the cast of The Hobbit. They have also confirmed Sylvester McCoy as Radagast, and mentions the casting of a few of the dwarves as well.

Still no official word on Ian McKellan, although his official website does state that he will part of filming.

Former Doctor Who cast in Hobbit films

Former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy has confirmed he has been cast in Peter Jackson’s two Hobbit films, ABC News reports.

But the British actor would not tell the BBC what part he had landed in the Lord Of The Rings prequels.

Martin Freeman and The Hobbit

In this interview at Martin Freeman reveals that he has already been fitted for the wig, feet and ears that he will wear when he plays Bilbo.