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Luke Evans , concerning his role as Bard.

Welsh actor Luke Evans, while appearing at Comic Con, was interviewed by Empire online. To hear his comments about playing Bard the Bowman in the upcoming Hobbit films, click here.

Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson talk About 3D

Peter Jackson, and Steven Spielberg, during their press conference for Tintin, had an opportunity to discuss the new trend towards 3-d, and the higher prices theaters are charging to see 3-d movies.
To read the article, and hear their comments, click this link to ScreenRant.

Peter Jackson updates the Comic-Con crowd on ‘The Hobbit’

While making a surprise appearance on a panel discussing ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Peter Jackson updated fans at Comi-Con on the filming of ‘The Hobbit’. The details can be found here.

New Hobbit Pictures – Gandalf and Dwarves

From The Hobbit Movie Facebook page comes two new pictures. The first is a new still of Gandalf in Bag End that can be found here. The second is the first official composite shot of all 13 dwarves, found here.

Unofficial Hobbit teaser Poster

Red Digital Cinema, in order to promote the 3-D cameras being used by Peter Jackson to film The Hobbit, has released a teaser poster. The poster can be seen here, on their website.

The Hobbit; Production Video #3

Click on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page to see Production Video #3 from the set of The Hobbit. In this video, we get to see many of the characters in costume.

Tweaking the Hobbit

Yours truly was interviewed recently for an article in regard to the changes being made to the Hobbit, and they actually used a couple of my comments. You can read the article at The Urban Wire.

Please note that I’m not that concerned about the changes so far being discussed, but I am also somewhat wary of what may come. Don’t forget that PJ did try to insert Arwen into Helm’s Deep, and there are some changes to the LotR movies that I’m not thrilled about, so consider my general viewpoint in regards to the Hobbit as…cautious.


Sneak peek #6; Thorin Oakenshield

Today, with a sneak peek of Thorin Oakenshield wielding Orcrist, studio pics of all thirteen of Bilbo’s Dwarf companions have been released. To see the picture, and a brief bio, click here.

Sneak peek #5, Balin and Dwalin.

With today’s sneak peek, twelve of the thirteen Dwarves accompanying Bilbo will have been revealed. To see the still, and a brief bio, of Balin and Dwalin, click here.

Sneak Peek #4; Bofur, Bombur & Bifur.

Peter Jackson today continues his sneak peeks of the Cast of The Hobbit, by releasing a still of Bofur, Bombur, and Bifur. To see the still, and a brief character bio, click here!.