It is the chief village of Bree-land, the other, smaller ones being Staddle, Combe and Archet.

About 140 miles to the east of Hobbiton, it is one of the few settlements in Middle-earth where men and hobbits live together. The first hobbits arrived around 1300 of the Third Age. The Men of Bree claim to be descendants of the first men to enter the west of Middle-earth.

The village of Bree had about a hundred stone houses belonging to the Big Folk (as the men were called), mostly above the East Road that runs through, and in the hillside. The village was surrounded by a large hedge with gates in it that were closed and guarded at night.

One of the most important places in the village was the inn, called the Prancing Pony. This was the main meeting place and gossips corner, run by Barliman Butterbur.
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