Celeborn was tall and silver-haired. His name meant "Silver tree".The Noldorin version of his name was Teleporno.

The grandson of Elmo, Celeborn was born in Doriath where he met Galadriel. It was he who gave her that name (her real name was Artanis), meaning "radiant garland". They lived initially in Doriath, but they left before its ruin and moved to Eriador. Many Noldor and Sindar followed them.

Celeborn's history is so closely connected to Galadriel's that very little can be told about his life and deeds separately.

He survived the Sack of Eregion and with his wife and daughter Celebrían he moved to Lothlórien where he became the lord of the wooded realm.

During the War of the Ring, the Fellowship came to Lothlórien he received them and gave them useful advice. When evil in Dol Guldur became a threat to Lothlórien, he attacked and conquered its fortress and Galadriel threw down its gates. After the war ended, he met with king Thranduil of Mirkwood and they agreed that South Mirkwood, where Dol Guldur lay, would be added to the kingdom of Lothlórien.

After Galadriel sailed to the west, he joined his grandsons Elladan and Elrohir in Rivendell. It is unknown when, or if, he joined Galadriel in the Undying Lands.
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