Léod was a Lord of the Éothéod and the father of Eorl the Young. From him were descended all of the Kings of the Mark. During his time as the leader of his people, the Éothéod, they were dwelling within the old realm of Angmar.

Léod was a tamer of wild horses, of which there were many running wild across their lands. He once captured a white foal which grew quickly into a horse strong, fair, and proud. No man could tame him so when Léod dared to mount him, the horse ran and finally threw him to the ground. When he fell, his head struck a rock and he died at the early age of 42. His son, Eorl, was only 16 at the time and became the Lord of the Éothéod, thus he was after called Eorl the Young.

Eorl vowed to avenge the death of his father. He hunted the horse and when he finally found him, his companion thought he meant to kill the wild steed. But, instead he called to him, ‘Come hither, Mansbane, and get a new name!’ The horse looked at Eorl and came to him. Eorl said, "Felaróf (meaning ‘very valiant’ or ‘very strong’) I name you. You loved your freedom, and I do not blame you for that. But now you owe me a great weregild, and you shall surrender your freedom to me until your life’s end."

Felaróf allowed Eorl to mount him without bit or bridle and he always rode him that way after that. The horse was long-lived and strong and he understood all that men said but would allow no other but Eorl to ride him. Eorl rode to the Battle of the Field of Celebrant upon that horse.

Felaróf was one of the Mearas who would bear no one save the King of the Éothéod (Rohirrim) or his sons, until the time of Shadowfax who was tamed by Gandalf. The Horse-lords believed that Béma (whom the Eldar call Oromë) must have brought the sires of the Mearas from the West over Sea.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Nienna-of-the-Valar