The easternmost of the three kingdoms formed after the division of Arnor in 861 of the Third Age.

Rhudaur consisted of all the lands north of the Old Forest Road between the Misty Mountains and the Weather Hills, along with the area known as The Angle, south of the road between the Rivers Hoarwell and Loudwater.

At around the year TA 1150 the Stoors crossed the Redhorn Pass and many settled in The Angle. Due to the ravages caused by the Witch-King they left this area in the TA 1350's, some moving on to the Shire, some settling in Dunland and some moving to the Gladden Fields.

Internal strife with Cardolan over possession of Amon Sûl, and the wars with the forces of the Witch-King, resulted in the population dwindling, and, at the time of the War of the Ring the only area of Rhudaur that was not an empty wilderness was Rivendell.
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