The Stewards of Gondor were originally the chief counsellors to the Kings of Gondor, but when the line of kings failed in the south, the Stewards then became the Ruling Stewards. They reigned over the land until the return of the king who would again reunite the kingdoms of the north and south.

The office of the Stewards was begun some time during the reign of Romendacil I, but the stewards who are remembered are those who were descended from the House of Húrin.

The first was Pelendur who ruled after the death of King Ondoher. From his time on the Stewardship was passed down through their line from father to son. Here follows the line of the Stewards of Gondor with the year being the year in which they died or gave up the office:

Pelendur - 1988

Vorondil the Hunter - 2029,

Mardil Voronwë - 2080 (First of the Ruling Stewards)

Eradan - 2116

Herion - 2148

Belegorn - 2204

Húrin I - 2244

Túrin I - 2278

Hador of Gondor - 2395

Barahir son of Hador - 2412

Dior of Gondor - 2435

Denethor I of Gondor - 2477

Boromir I - 2489

Cirion - 2567

Hallas - 2605

Húrin II - 2628

Belecthor I - 2655

Orodreth of Gondor - 2685

Ecthelion I - 2698

Egalmoth - 2743

Beren of Gondor - 2763

Beregond - 2811

Belecthor II - 2872

Thorondir - 2882

Túrin II - 2914

Turgon of Gondor - 2953

Ecthelion II - 2984

Denethor II - 3019

Faramir - FA 82

Denethor II was the last of the Ruling Stewards and he was succeeded by his second son Faramir after the death of his first son Boromir II during the War of the Ring.

With Aragorn's return to the throne of both Gondor and Arnor, the Ruling Stewards ceased to be, but the office of the stewards continued through the line of Faramir son of Denethor II, the Prince of Emyn Arnen.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Fëathoron