The Realm of Númenor began in the year 32 of the Second Age with the ascent of Elros son of Eärendil to the throne in the city of Armenelos. Elros' ruling name was Tar-Minyatur.

Tar-Minyatur was the brother of Lord Elrond of Rivendell. They were descended from all three houses of the Edain, the Eldar, and the Maiar. Because of the great deeds of Eärendil and Elwing they, and their sons after them, were given the ability to choose to which kindred they wished to belong. Tar-Minyatur chose instead to be counted among the kindred of Men, so becoming their first king in Númenor.

It became a custom of the Kings of Númenor to take their names in the High-elven tongue of Quenya for it was the most noble of all the languages spoken in the world. Elros' name is therefore written in the Scroll of Kings as Tar-Minyatur.

Tar-Minyatur ruled the Númenóreans for 410 years for those people had been granted a lifespan three times that of Lesser Men. To Eärendil's son though was granted the longest lifespan ever given to any Man and those of his line lived longer even than the rest of the Númenóreans.

Tar-Minyatur built the Citadel and Tower in the city of the Kings of Númenor, Armenelos. He had four children: Vardamir Nólimon, Tindómiel his daughter, Manwendil, and Atanalcar. Tar-Minyatur was succeeded by his son Vardamir Nólimon in the year SA 442 upon his death.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Nienna-of-the-Valar