The beautiful city of the Elves in Aman, lit by the light of Valinor shining through the Calacirya. The city was built on the hill of Túna.

Tirion's walls were white, and its stairs were made of crystal. It had many tall towers, of which the highest of the Mindon Eldalieva (the Tower of Ingwë). To the east, at the foot of the hill of Túna lay the Shadowmere.

The city was originally shared by the Vanyar and the Noldor, but the Vanyar later departed to dwell beneath Manwë's halls on Taniquetil.

The first lord of Tirion was Ingwë, but after an Age had passed, he and his people departed to Valinor. Finwë became the next ruler of Tirion, and he ruled there until the release of Melkor and the corruption of Fëanor.

With the rebellion of Fëanor, and the death of Finwë, Tirion was abandoned by most of the Noldor, though in later years, Finarfin, youngest son of Finwë, became the city's ruler.
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