Túrin II was the twenty-third Ruling Steward of Gondor, succeeding Thorondir in TA 2882.

During his rule the forces of Sauron renewed their attacks on Gondor. Ithilien was soon infested by Uruk-hai from Mordor and most of his inhabitants forsook that land and crossed the Anduin, moving on its western banks.

In TA 2901, Henneth Annûn was built in Ithilien, along with other secret refuges. Túrin II also fortified the isle of Cair Andros in order to protect Anórien.

But Gondor’s greatest peril came in Túrin’s time from the Haradrim. They had been stirred by emissaries of Sauron and had occupied the southern provinces of Gondor, fighting the Gondorians along the River Poros. King Folcwine of Rohan sent many men to Gondor and thus not only fulfilled the Oath of Eorl, but also paid Rohan’s debt to Beregond the Steward, who had helped the Rohirrim during TA 2800 – 2864, when they had been troubled by Orcs from the North.

With the help of the Rohirrim soldiers Túrin II defeated the Haradrim at the crossing of Poros in TA 2885, but the twin sons of King Folcwine died in that battle. They were buried in a single mound, Haudh in Gwanur, and it long remained a place feared by the enemies of Gondor.

Túrin II ruled Gondor for 32 years (TA 2882 - 2914) and was succeeded by Turgon of Gondor.
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