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PG extended DVD

According to this site, the British release of the extended DVD will still be rated PG, even though it has more graphic scenes. However, it will have a higher rating in America.

More TT gossip

The British film company filmfour have open a new section of their site dedicated to LotR. This includes a new interview with Ian McKellen and a Two Towers page, with comments from Peter Jackson.

A long

Finally, ‘Realms of the Elf-lords’ is in stores! Hurry to your nearest hobby shop, or visit the Decipher online store here! And while you’re there, take the Lord of the Rings survey and tell them what you think!

Return of the Baftas

Ananova tells us that the organizers of the Bafta awards have switched the dates again, to keep it from being overshadowed by the Oscars– February 8, 2004.

Everything you wanted to know about Bilbo’s garden…

If you love gardening as much as I do, you will love this link…turn your front yard into a proper hobbit garden!

Dame Maggie Smith is nominated for an Emmy!

Ha ha. Not really. But Ian McKellen has been nominated, for his appearance on Saturday Night Live. Specifically the award nomination is for Outstanding Costumes For A Variety Or Music Program

BIG discount on Brothers Hildebrandt LOTR artwork

I received this as an e-mail today, and wanted to share–it is for us all, not just those that received the e-mail…

CoE Research Position Available

We have an opening for a researcher in the Books Department. This calls for an individual to take an assigment go off and read, find the info and write a paragraph or two on the subject. You can see the “Middle-Earth” secion on the left for examples of what other researchers have already done as well as the sections that will need more input…(Read further for requirements or see the forum “Announcements” for details)

Can you sew?

If you can, you might want to take a look at this research site! Alley Cat Scratch has not only hints, tips and tricks on how to make many a costume from Fellowship of the Ring, but pictures, too. Halloween is just around the corner…

More illustrations at the Gallery

We now have some great watercolor illustrations by Alan Lee, at our Gallery. They span all three books…go take a look!