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The Shire: A Hobbit Bedroom ~ Part 2

This was a really fun project not only because it was a surprise for my daughter, but also it gave me a chance to really use my imagination and let it run wild. The first thing I had to do was pick a color, with the help of the Last Homely House section I was […]

The Shire: A Hobbit Bedroom ~ Part 1

How do Hobbits sleep? Very comfortably! If you’ve opted for this cozy look, start with the walls. Rag-rolling a deep ocher-yellow over a cream base gives a wonderfully Bag End appearance. You’ll find plenty of articles on this technique by clicking here. Compliment with earth colors of green and brown, and lots of wood. Windows […]

Harad: A Guide to Easterling Decorating

Color Schemes The Easterlings tend to favor rich, dark colors. Indigos and dark reds are very common, especially amongst their armor. Gold is also more widely used than silver. Deep purple and black are also good. Furniture The challenge here is deciding what type of Easterling theme you want to go with. The style can […]

Gondor: A Gondorian Bedroom

Probably the hardest culture to transform your room into is Gondor. Mostly we only get to see the outside of the city and houses, and the only times we get inside the buildings are the halls and such. But another difficulty is materials and cost. Most people can’t carve stone statues of kings, or get […]

Elven Realms: Falling Leaves Curtain

Decorate your space with this lovely curtain, and remember Lothlórien every day! Materials you will need A plain-coloured curtain – preferably beige, light blue or light green, but most light-coloured curtains will do. Brown, deep red or dark green velvet or velvet-like fabric (this is not too expensive. I got 30cm x 200cm for around […]

Valinor: Turn your Bedroom into Ilmarin

~By Celedë_Anthaas. Ilmarin, “Mansion of the High Airs”, is the palace of Manwë and Varda. It is described in the Book of Lost Tales 1: “First upon Taniquetil was a great abode raised up for Manwë and a watchtower set. Thence did he speed his darting hawks and receive them on his return, and thither […]

Valinor: Turn Your Kitchen Into Valinor

~ by Mark_Hoff If you decide that you want your kitchen to look like the Valar have just dropped by for supper, here are some easy steps you can take to acquire that heavenly look. 1) Find pictures online of your favorite Vala or the Trees of Valinor and copy them onto projector transparencies. 2) […]

Middle-earth: Make Your Home a Middle-earth Haven with the BBC

While these designs may not be orthodox Tolkien, they certainly have a Middle-earth feel to them, which will add a unique touch to your home… Elvish Design Romantic Bathroom by Gordon Whistance From the Kingdom of Men…. Royal Living Room by Gordon Whistance. You could even make the shields with the patterns of Gondor and […]

Middle-earth: Dining Middle-Earth Style

~ by Anorwen_Niphredil There are many articles available to help you create that perfect Middle-Earth bedroom, bathroom, or other living space … but what about your table? Have you ever considered that what dinnerware you use could make or break your Lord of the Rings look? If you’re curious where to begin, don’t wander off […]

Links to Celtic Patterns

~ by Alanna (forever_lotr24) Looking for some Celtic patterns to trace or use as you see fit? Here are some links to pages with them! Just copy and then paste them into your address location bar. This one has not just Celtic designs, but many differnt types: Celtic Pendants … I […]