"The Kingdom of the Edain". Arthedain was one of three kingdoms created by the division of Arnor by the sons of Eärendur. It was the last of the Northern Kingdoms to perish, not surviving beyond the middle of the Third Age.

Arthedain's first King was Amlaith, eldest son of Eärendur. He moved the capital from Annúminas to Fornost Erain on the North Downs. Arthedain remained the Senior Kingdom of the three that came out of Arnor, and as such, it kept two of the three palantíri - the Stone of Emyn Beraid and the Stone of Annúminas.

The downfall of Arthedain came with the establishment of Angmar. For over 700 years, Arthedain fought, sometimes with Cardolan, against Angmar and Rhudaur. But in TA 1974, the Witch King captured Fornost and drove Arvedui north into the wastes of Forochel.
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