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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: July 20, 2007 03:27
Hey everyone!
This is a poem I wrote about Aragorn and Legolas. You should easily be able to figure out what has happened to them.

You told me once of friendship,
of how it would always be.
You told me once of hardship,
of how it would never be.
But here we lay upon the ground,
our hands and feet are tightly bound.
Our captors warn us, "Not a sound,
or else you'll be beaten another round!"
They harshly beat and mock us
each and every day.
On what we need to focus
is how to get away.
Out of nowhere the arrows fly,
striking the orcs that instantly die.
An elven warrior approaches and sighs,
"What will your fathers say? Oh my..."
We now lie in the healing room,
our imprisonment, our cell.
How long we will have this accursed doom
only time will tell.
But at least we were together
while suffering the torture and weather.
I will never find one that is better;
you will be my friend forever.
You told me once of friendship,
of how it would always be.
You told me once of hardship,
of how it would probably be.
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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: April 10, 2008 06:52
Hi. Can anyone post in here or do you have to be a Bard?
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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: July 26, 2008 06:50
This is a somewhat lengthy poem I wrote from Eowyn's point of view. Like a lot of people, I can identify with liking someone who had no interest in you. I was going through a similar time when I wrote this. *shrugS* Hope you like it...

The Song of Eowyn (unoriginal title, I know)
Pain in my chest,
Burning and raw.
I gave you my heart,
But you never saw.

So full of love
For your beautiful elf,
You hardly saw me,
Me for myself.

I hear your voice
Inside my head;
My heart pulses
Wounded and red.

I see you now,
In my mind-
So noble and brave,
So very kind.

A face so fair,
A heart so true;
I can’t help
But still love you.

Now you have gone
Away together,
To be with each other
For ever and ever.

I have nothing
Left to do,
But sit and think
And dream of you.

I must not linger,
And dwindle away.
I cannot abide here
With your memory to stay.

I must go out
To a noble death.
For my Kingdom,
To give my last breath.

Yes, I shall seem brave,
And noble, and kind.
But inside a shattered,
Pain filled mind.

Nothing to live for,
Now that you’re gone;
I plunge myself into
The bloody-red Dawn.

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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: October 31, 2008 09:49
More Eowyn poetry - Two different treatments of the same theme:

H aunted by footsteps and memories
A nother cold Rohan autumn night
L onely under the pale harvest moon
L ooking at the wreckage of my life
O nly the undead for my company
W e wander the corridors of Edoras
E very memory refuses to leave
E maciated wraiths that won't die
N eeding my lifeblood for their fell feast.

Haunted by footsteps and memories
I wander the corridors of Edoras
My substance no more than the withered leaves
Longing for death's hand to fall at last.

My loved ones are gone or at death's dark door,
My brother exiled and my king's mind dull.
Forgotten, the joys that I knew before,
In days beyond memory, I can't recall.

A ghost I've become, a mere wraith, a shade,
Wandering the corridors of Edoras
Seeking a refuge, seeking escape,
From this grim existence that will not pass.

With only the dead for my company
Whose faces now haunt me - I am undone.
Tormented and trapped by my memories
And the footsteps of Grima Wormtongue.
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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: November 12, 2008 12:32
One of my poems was just published!

It's a poem about the Witchking called "A Man Like You" http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1192389/a_man_like_you.html?cat=42
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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: January 05, 2009 07:06
This is the original version of "Journey to the Sea," which was just published in Silver Leaves. For public publication, I had to remove all direct references to Tolkien's work. This version includes all the references I later took out for Silver Leaves. It was sort of an experiment with a sound and rhyme. I hope you enjoy it!

Journey to the Sea

Sindarin son of Thranduil
In Mirkwood's growing shadows dwelt.
In Elven halls of fantasy
Beneath the stars, under the trees.
Gone, the years of complacency:
No more the magic dinner feasts,
Deer driven out by cunning beasts.
The shadows grew a doom to tell
That must be brought to Rivendell.
A culminating prophecy.

At Elrond's table tales were told
Of Nazgul seen and rings of gold;
As tempers flared he made his case
To aid a friend, defend his race --
Irked by the Dwarf's obduracy.
A strange pact forged in anger joined
Thranduil's son and son of Gloin.
Nine walkers made the choice that day,
A journey planned and then away
Burdened with the war's urgency.

O'er barren lands to Mordor's mines.
Orcs the least threat his bow would find -
Fell victims of his accuracy.
Through dark and danger, fire and flame,
The Balrog's whip and fiery mane.
At last escaping at great cost -
Their guide, their friend, the Wizard lost.
Despairing in their misery,
Still pressing on o'er glade they ran,
Into the trees - enchanted land -
In Lorien's woods to find release:
A time to mourn, a time of peace,
Until the fateful prophecy...

A boat ride South to Amon Hen,
Where Rauros falls, the River ends;
As did the Fellowship that day.
Two hobbits gone; two swept away
By orcs, Saruman's progeny.
And Boromir succumbed at last,
Then lost his life while standing fast
Against the orcs foul piracy.
To Rohan fast on foot they flew
To find their friends, their bonds renew.
Into the Fanghorn woods they dared -
A meeting caught them unprepared:
The White Wizard's conspiracy.

Dark days grew darker as they tread
Where none would go - Paths of the Dead.
There Aragorn cast off his doubts;
His power drove the dead to rout
To usher in his legacy.
On Anduin the dead host sailed
Vows were fulfilled -- the host prevailed.
Yet in triumph on Gondor's field,
Legolas knew his doom was sealed
While gulls called o'er the war's frenzy.

As Denothor spurned Gandalf's plea,
Snared by his own complicity.
Frodo and Samwise journeyed on.
The company looked for the dawn
While battle raged on endlessly,
Fighting the fell and monstrous beasts.
They bravely suffered selflessly
Until the reign of Sauron ceased,
The ring destroyed, the lands released;
The King was crowned; the world knew peace.
For Legolas - dichotomy...

Such wonders have I known and seen,
Such friends I've had, such victories,
Such joy I've felt beneath the leaves...
No more for me... no more to be...

Ne'er more at rest under the tree,
My home become a fallacy.
Gulls on the shore call out to me;
The tides rise in supremacy.
A yearning born from dormancy
Waking me from complacency.
My heart cries out for clemency,
For succor from the thing it seeks --
The doom proclaimed in prophecy.
Will my heart never more run free?
Until at last it finds release
Beside the sea... beyond the sea...
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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: July 19, 2010 08:35
It has been a while since I have written a poem but here is one I just wrote up. It is in a haiku-like form being 4/5/4 each except the first which is 5/4/5. I was inspired by being in the realm of Ulmo, the sea, horses and the sceen in FOTR with Arwen and the river horses. Please tell me what you think.

Horses of Ulmo

Under moonlight rays
Many hooves beat
Against sandy shores

The crash of waves
Joining with horse-song
Peace in beauty

White, Black, Brown, Roan
Every color known

They will weave a song
Of majesty

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[Edited on 20/7/2010 by Dafrita]
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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: January 03, 2011 10:03
All these amazing poems and I'm almost afraid to post my own... But here it is, one I wrote about Smaug and Bilbo.

Far beyond the trees of Mirkwood
But before the Iron Hills
Stood the Lonely Mountain of Erebor
And the terror of the villes

The Dragon Smaug would sit alone
In halls of Dwarven make
And under watchful eye he kept
His gold none dared to take

Under darkening sky then came
Young Bilbo with his Ring
The Hobbit-Thief then stole the gold
From the Dragon-King

The Dragon Smaug awoke that night
To find his cup was gone
He swore his vengeance and his wrath
To search the hills till dawn

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Post Re: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: April 22, 2012 11:04
I know this is kind of late to post this but I challenge VilyaTook to write a poem about Gandalf and Saruman.
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Post Re: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: December 31, 2012 06:20
O_O Awesome poems, guys!

Here are some of mine:

Tears of Crimson

She cries alone
In the dark, as the snow is falling down.
Silent she walks under the fading moon
The day that's gone.
The day the fires raged all around,
The day when the North fell to the ground,
The day he died.
She mourns for him,
Her only companion the bitter wind,
Reminding her no one is by her side.
She is alone,
Without a hope.
She looks above to the lifeless, cold trees,
Their frozen branches crack, fall to the ground.
All things meet their end,
Nothing lives for long.
She fingers a blade, should she end it all?
Onto the snow a drop of crimson falls.
The blade is pulled away,
This is not the end.
You were not alone, I was by your side.
I was with you then, the day that he died.
The day that your home fell, I was there for you.
But I could not get past your walls of ice,
You shoved me away from your grief and pain.
You said you wanted to be alone.
But I will never leave your side, I'm here,
I am here for you.
No matter what you do,
I will always love you
Until the end of days.


Nothing Remains of Yesterday

When you felt alone
I was there for you.
I have always tried
to help you make it through.

Through the dark and light,
in the worst of times
a friend by your side
I never abandoned you.

We were best of friends,
made it through the storms.
Your darkest secrets
never saw the light.

But you turned away,
left without a word,
left me far behind.
You were there, yet so far away.

Never truly friends,
that is what you said.
I was never there,
all those years were false.

What is it I've done
that you chose to end
the friendship we had?
Am I nothing to you?

I've forgiven you,
but you still are gone
and nothing remains
of our yesterday.

Will you never return,
and take a second chance?
Have you gone to stay away
from me until the end?



When the summer fades away
And the sunset turns to gray
We long for the days that have fled.

As the leaves fall to the ground
Icy wind blows around.
Where has the gentle breeze flown?

The cold storms in, bringing hail and rain.
Soon we no longer can feel the pain,
And green fields are a distant memory.

All we know now is the howling wind,
Nothing remains, only barren trees
And shining glass on the forest floor.

The sun is long gone, no hope remains,
All we can see is the cold and the rain,
Midwinter has come again.

Ice and harsh winds wage war on the trees,
As dead branches crack they surrender
To the one they have long fought before.

When will we see past the storms and the pain?
Will we ever find the good in the rain,
The intricate ice-crystals, streams standing still,
The falls that are frozen, the white powdered hills?

The wind may be bitter, and the ice so cold,
Why don't we remember it all fades away?
The snow turns to water, the glaciers to streams,
The long-frozen ice becomes the sweet rain,

As spring comes once again it's the hope for new life.
The trees sprout green leaves, the flowers appear,
Thriving on the once-frozen snow.
Now where would we be without winter's chill?


Alone in the Darkness

Fleeing through
The forest at night,
The sun gone,
The moon gives no light.
The trees sway,
And fall to the ground
Beside me.
For death I am bound,
So it seems,
Trees crash all around.
All alone,
No one beside me.
I'm alone,
I'm finally free.
So it seems.
Is it really true?
Even if
I do make it through,
What awaits
On the other side
Of these trees?
There can I reside?
Who will then
Stand by me again?
Will they come?
Or am I alone,
Doomed to live
In darkness again?


The Flame in the Sky

Arisen at dawn, the red sun appears,
A bright flame in the sky.
Flying above the land, nothing it fears,
Shining down from the height.

Awakened at dusk, the darkness crawls out,
To make war on the light.
Walking in shadow, it cloaks all in black,
Reigning throughout the night.

As the light fades, dark seems to win the fight.
Clouds cover the night sky,
But far beyond there, stars are glowing bright.
The light will never die.

In defiance of the dark the light shines,
Piercing through the deepest,
Darkest places, giving all things new life.
Can darkness its strength best?

Never-ending is the battle they fight,
The darkness and the light.
Unrelenting, war rages on and on,
Until the end of time.

And then the light will overcome the dark,
Destroying its power.
The sun once more will arise to the sky,
Shining on forever.


So what do you think of them? Any comments or suggestions for improvement?
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Post Re: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: January 12, 2013 09:55
@FEANOR those are very nice and I love your Tears of Crimson
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on: July 13, 2013 01:28
I think I'll attempt to write and post a poem in here, sometime. Ive written several, but my poetry spiral is currently MIA O.O
We were one in the same, running like moths to the flame. You'd hang on every word I'd say, but now they only ricochet.
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Post Prancing Pony's Poets
on: January 15, 2014 05:50
Well hello! My name is Jamie and I'm fairly new here. I have a passion for poetry and I know that quite a few people here do to. So I've decided to revive some of the older forums like this, for members to post poetry to their hearts content!
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on: January 15, 2014 05:50
I'll start off with a quick one about Borimir, not my best.

Strong and proud,
Noble and fair,
A warrior that in the dark times,
was among rare.

Clouded by the ring,
Desire wrought his mind,
And to life he clung,
Though his heart fair and kind.

Through the red mist of battle,
his life was lost,
and from that moment on,
His soul crossed.

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on: January 15, 2014 05:53
*moved from a deleted new thread*
Thank you for sharing with us, Lord Greenleaf!
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on: January 16, 2014 09:31
Here are some of my non-LOTR ones.


Dreams are the backbone of life,
not only conceived at night,
Making bearable the everyday strife.

When happiness stands on the edge of a knife,
When the events of a day are not so bright,
dreams are the backbone of life.

Struggles, like a storm, begin to rise,
And life turns to a fight,
Making bearable the everyday strife.

Happiness holds the elements of life,
No matter how sometimes hard the fight,
Dreams are the backbone of life.

Heedless of the wonders of the afterlife,
Life continues in and endless fight,
Making bearable the everyday strife.

When things perch on the end of a knife,
and all kinds of madness dance through the night,
Dreams are the backbone of life,
making bearable the everyday strife.
We were one in the same, running like moths to the flame. You'd hang on every word I'd say, but now they only ricochet.
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on: January 16, 2014 09:32

Some people have a way with words,
and then there are all of the others reading the words.

I heard that she said this and that he said that,
and he still has some more angry words.

The lines on the page blur as the teardrops fall,
each droplet magnifies some of the words.

Plastered onto telephone polls as a lament for a puppy who is lost,
with a telephone number on it, but dogs cannot read words,

Crumpling pages in a five century old book,
riddled with sections of mold and ancient words.

They fall across dimensions, with people hearing and saying
things they don’t mean, like fish in a great sea, words.
We were one in the same, running like moths to the flame. You'd hang on every word I'd say, but now they only ricochet.
Michael Gunter
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on: February 12, 2014 03:18
I haven't been on this particular forum before, but I thought I'd put this poem on.

Maxie, you know me from the Writer's forum; what do you think of this small sample of my work?

Upon the final, furthest shore,
There the Endless Rivers pour,
over the edge, the World's Rim,
a ceaseless roar, an anthem grim.
There stands a hill, a fort of stone,
A tow’ring cliff, a giant's throne.
Upon the colossal brink- behold!
A temple, wrought of dragon's gold,
High, forbidding, glinting bright,
The testament of ancient might.

The doors of steel opened wide,
shadows round the columns hide.
Ageless, fearless, deep and dark,
Keeping hidden secrets stark.
Long the silent halls have lain,
remnants of a bygone reign.
The lord, the master, he is gone,
From his palace neath the dawn.
There he sat, his head held high,
Uncontested beneath the sky.

Upon that final, furthest shore,
A single place, and nothing more,
Stands, remembering ancient might,
That plunged the world into night,
Brought low by bold and upstart man,
a world shattered, a kingdom’s span,
ended, broken, beaten low,
a single warrior, a mighty foe,
refusing bondage, standing free,
upon the shore of the Last Sea.
Authors are extremophiles; in short, creatures capable of surviving in the harshest of environments.
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on: February 13, 2014 03:53
Oh, but now that is beautiful! I love your use of vocabulary! Feel free to PM me with any more examples!
We were one in the same, running like moths to the flame. You'd hang on every word I'd say, but now they only ricochet.
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Post Upload Poetry
on: April 03, 2014 02:07
Mae Govannen all...

Hey fellow CoE's. I'm just starting this topic. I was wandering if anyone had poetry they may wanna add. Whether it's about Middle - Earth beings or the place itself. Or something completely different.

You see, i enjoy poetry and stories all of that stuff. I have also written a poem. It's called- The Elves of Middle-Earth. Its a poem, but it also is kind of a story. Anyway please read and let me know what you think. And please feel free to add any kind of pewom to this topic. I'll be sure to read it, as i am sure others will to.

Anyway here is my one. (Its long- 3 PGS)

Immortal and never ending.
We wander here and there,
Finding where our homes are
And spaces.

Pure of heart we wander
Elves of the woods, of the sea.
Of the forest and Rivendell.
Those of us who dwell
In Lothlorien, see the land that was.

Softly we walk over our lands.
Seeing what beauty they hide.
Those of the wood elves of Mirkwood.
Ruled by the powerful, old and kind
Elven king, Thranduil.
He who rules with the slight of hand
A mighty warrior from his own land
His power, is our rule.

We who live in his land, respect him .
He is our saviour, our might.
Whose great son, Legolas.
Is as great as him.
A prince who will one day be made to rule.
A mighty king.

Those of us who dwell in Rivendell.
We see the fierceness and kindness of our leader.
We of all see the beauty that shines in our land.
But the shadows of troubled times of past,
Slowly cover the land.

We have learned of a great past,
But also a dull future, that may yet,
Come to pass.
A future we can longer live in,
That is why we set forth to the
Undying land.
A place beyond the sea.

We were the first to form
An alliance, with man.
All those years ago.
We fought together as one.
But the strength of men failed
One day years and years ago.
Our music has always been filled with joy.
With beauty, with magic and light.
This filled our land with all its splendour.
And our leader, Lord Elrond.
Whose gifts of sight and healing
And grace have led us and guided
Us to the modern days of now.

His teachings of the past have helped
Us to grow, to live and to understand
Of how we came to be.
Some great warriors have come
From his teachings.
Such as Haldir, a great warrior.
Strong of arm, whose power
Would always defeat the enemy
That darkened the land.

His sacrifice, was not in vain.
He lives on, in song and rhyme.
In story and poetry.
Haldir the fearless, on who died
Helping man, to defeat the enemy,
That darkened the land.

Those of us elves who dwell
In Lothlorien, our home
Is beautiful one of light, of life?
Where all that we see, glitters
With silver and white.
As beautiful as night.

And our fair Lady Galadriel,
Whose beauty is beyond compare.
Whose elegance and power
Always watch over her people,
With a keen, yet kindly eye.
And Lord Celeborn by her side.

Our fair lady, always willing to lend
A hand, or help a friend.
Or help those who have lost their way,
Not knowing which path is laid before them.
Such as Frodo, the Halfling.
She helped him to understand what lays before him.
She showed him of what may come to pass.

Lothlorien is home to us. We are but a few
Elves of Middle- Earth. Its light is our saviour from
What darkness may lay ahead.

As far as elves who dwell near the sea.
Know much of the land that was, in
The first age when we appeared.
Much of the world has
Changed since then.
Some of the light seems to
Have faded, but it will never
Be gone. It will always
Remain, no darkness
Will over-rule the land.

But deep in our Elvish hearts, we know
That one day, we will have to leave the world we have
Come to love and journey beyond
The sea. To the lands beyond.
To start our lives again,
Somewhere new and unknown.

We are the Elves of Middle-Earth,
Who have always been at one
With the land, it has always been
Our only home.
All of us Elves have come from
Different places and spaces.
The sea, the forest, Mirkwood,
Rivendell and even Lothlorien.

We pray that our teaching will never be,
Forgotten by man.
We may be the oldest and wisest
Of Middle-Earth, but in the
Changing world we are but young.
Men seem to be the wiser of today.

We do not dare to leave our home.
But we know we cannot,
Stay here for ever.
The time of the elves is
Coming to an end,
And the age of men
Will soon begin.

Our music, our songs.
Our stories, our poems.
Our lives have created this world.
Even when the darkness ended.
We must go soon, to the lands
Beyond the seas, where we all
Start a fresh.

But deep in our Elvish hearts
We will always carry, the memories,
Songs and stories of our world
Where ever we may go.
But I know these memories
Will not fade.
The stories of past will
Always be told, even
Far into the future.

We are the elves of Middle –Earth.
Our lives, our stories,
Our songs and our music
Will always remain.
And when the wind blows in the future.
The men will always hear,
The silvery music and voices of the elves
That once were.

PS: Sorry for the long post.

Lithoniel Greenleaf.

El sila erin lu e-govaned vin. (A star shines on the hour of our meeting)
Beleg the Wanderer
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Post Question...
on: August 02, 2014 03:30
Hey there!

How do I add a poem?
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on: August 03, 2014 04:47
To this thread? Just copy and paste it here from wherever you have it.
(It must be your own work though)

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on: August 13, 2014 08:36
I wrote this about a month ago, but for the life of me couldn't find this thread to share it on. Even though it was in the most obvious place 'Fanfiction and Poetry' .... what can I say, I'm oblivious

Red scale shimmers, and gemstones glisten
The hide of a dragon is tough as stone
But one small scale, loosed by arrow
Leaves him bare as bone

Smaug the strong, Smaug the arrogant
Believes to be strong as steel
Black arrow shot, with flight so straight
Death's touch will make him feel

Dragon will fall, his reign brought to end
Unguarded mountain now stands
Enemies clash, and quarrels now rise
Who owns the gold in those lands

But over hills, and through the trees
Sauron's legion will rise
Enemy to friend, we must join together
To ensure the enemy dies

This battle fought, on Erebor's slope
Against a monsterous hoard
Elves, dwarves, and men against orc
Fight on land where dragon once soared

Steel will clash, bow will now sing
Durin, fight to save your land
Drive this evil back, draw it's reign to an end
In this final battle, will make your stand

Though sorrows rise, the heir does die
This battle you have won
Sauron forces defeated, your land reclaimed
Erebor's quest is done
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on: August 15, 2014 09:14
i don't think ive ever written a poem before but your's made me think about it lol so here are two i thought of

here come all the elves clad in mail
they really don't think that they can fail
when they got to the mountain
they hoped for a golden fountain
but instead fought the goblins on their tail


here we stand in caverns old
our axes shall swing
for as long as I'm king
if you try to take my gold

how are you so bold?
with long blonde hair
and a face so fair
to think you can have my gold

go back to your tree
its just over there
before you stink up our air
and the gold can stay here with me

you don't even have a beard
your face is so smooth
it brings me great ruth
look, mine is revered

now go before it gets too cold
and your face freezes
from the slightest of breezes
but i'll die before you have my gold
Elfeawen Lomiondil
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on: May 04, 2015 05:35
I never shared a poem in public before joining this group. I rarely wrote poetry at all until I saw The Battle of the Five Armies. I'm not much of a poet, but the pain and desolation I felt took shape in these words. Within a few days I had written this song. I don't know why, but doing so has relieved some of my suffering. You can sing the first and third verses to "Tauriel and Kili" by Howard Shore and the second and third verses to "Misty Mountains" by Plan 9.

The Promise Stone
In mem'ries pure or sunlight's gleam,
A warrior fair and brave.
She looked within and dared to dream,
Her heart to a mortal gave.

At hero's fall, the Elf maid wept.
Through ages long their love has slept
Embraced by white forever light
In carven stone a promise kept.

Beyond the forest, walking far
The daughter of the trees.
In other world, by light of star,
In land across the seas.

The dwarf prince waits in Aule's Hall,
At End of Days to heed the call.
To make a stand, to take her hand,
To fight for life as world's fall.

Aule: Maker of the Dwarves, keeps a Hall where dwarf spirits will rest until the End of Days.
End of Days: the boundaries between worlds, life, and death will fall, and all the Children of Illuvatar will have a chance to remake the world as it was to be in the thoughts of Illuvatar.

Credits - This work is not mine alone. I wish to thank:
J.R.R. Tolkien for "Misty Mountains," and rhyme scheme of Lay of Nimrodel.
David Long and Plan 9 for melody to "Misty Mountains"
Phillipa Boyens for the lyrics of "Beyond the Forest"
Howard Shore for the melody for "Beyond the Forest"
Peter Jackson, Phillipa Boyens, and Fran Walsh for concepts from the screen play for The Hobbit.
"There shall be war between the Children of Iluvatar and the Ainu Melko. What if we perish in our quest? The dark halls of Vê be little worse than this bright prison" ~ Fëanor
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Post RE: Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: May 27, 2015 12:17
Lovely post there Sava-Tennoio ! I'm about to start writing a collection on the characters of Tolkien's book. Keep up the good work!
--- Lanthiriel Tolwen "Not all those who wander are lost."-J.R.R.Tolkien
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on: June 11, 2015 01:27
Elfeawen, that was beautiful! I especially love stanza three - the description is wonderful.
"And I dreamed of seas and ships, and of waves crashing on the shore in the twilight of the world..." ~Song, member of the Realm of Ulmo
Elfeawen Lomiondil
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on: June 22, 2015 07:14
Thanks, Eruwestiel, I'm happy you liked it! I thought if one person enjoyed reading it, it would be worth posting, so I just reached my goal. If you would like to see another song about Tauriel, you could check out my 2nd post BOTFA composition called "Crown of Leaves" in the Tauriel Fan thread under Casting. It is inspired by "Houses of Healing." I will post my third song here when I get time. It is called "Bless These Days" and is inspired by "Use Well the Days."
"There shall be war between the Children of Iluvatar and the Ainu Melko. What if we perish in our quest? The dark halls of Vê be little worse than this bright prison" ~ Fëanor
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Post Bards of Rivendell (Poetry Club)
on: August 09, 2015 01:14
VilyaTook said:For those of you who want to join my poetry club, here it is!
Feel free to share not only your poems, but the stories behind them, how they make you feel, or where you got your inspiration for them.

I have been going through my old notebooks which I have collected over the years, and at one point in life I was writing poetry as part of some old RPs I was doing at the time. It was an old letter-writing RP with a pen pal back in the early 1980's. If the RP Darkest of Days seemed familiar to me when I joined it, that was because the fall of Fornost was the subject of this old RP. I'll go ahead and share one I wrote then.

The air was filled with the fumes of the burning dead
and I ran to the broken wall in a bid to escape
But I fell into blackness by a blow to the head
And the Hillmen took me to rape.

And though I lived to see the sun again,
my spirit and body was ruined
carrying new life, a slave, taken for wife,
until my hand, with blade, set me free

That was kind of dark.... I have some cheerier ones. I'll dig them out and share them when I can.
Eighth King of Arthedain - It was in battle that I come into this Kingship, and it will be in Battle when I leave it. There is no peace for the Realm of Arnor. Read the last stand of Arthedain in the Darkest of Days.
Estel Telcontar
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on: December 20, 2015 06:32
Can I publish here also non-LOTR poetry? Oh, I see. Nevermind

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Post A Poem about Taniquetil
on: October 24, 2022 09:03
[/i]Highest Above All Amongst the Skies and Stars

[i]Within the vast Skies
Abounding and Everlasting,
There lay a Mountain of Snow
Tipped with icicles;
Crystals of delicacy.

Zephyrs sweep upon
Fleeting Moments of Time
As a blizzard emerges
From the deepest depths of
The Natural World.

Whence falls the
Cloak of Night and Darkness,
The silver Stars of celestial Light
Glimmer, shimmer and twinkle
As they offer their guidance
To the lands below.

The Moon is distant,
Highest above all.
Little Light is retained
E’en from the most
Valiant of Stars when
The Moon waxes fully.

Both Sorrow and Jubilation
Abound in poignant paradox.
For such is the nature of all
As one gazes down from afar.
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