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Feanor Limericks by pv

There once was a Noldo who truly
Behaved in a fashion unruly
He was sent to exile
Just for a while
For threatening his brother most cru’lly.

The misguided Curufinwë
Led all of the Noldor astray
He fought the Teleri
(Oh, that was so scary!)
And no one could stand in his way

He howled in a rage at Manwë
Then went off in a huff far way
By Mandos he was cursed
But he still behaved the worst
Of all the three sons of Finwë

Happy Birthday Dominic

Today, December 8th, is Dominic Monaghan’s birthday. He was born in Berlin, Germany in 1976 and is 30 today. You can see pictures of Dominic here, pictures of Dominic in the role of Merry here and read his cast bio here.

Happy Birthday Dominic!

The Lord of the Rings Symphony – 2007 dates

Performances in 2007 of Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings Symphony include;

6th and 7th January at the Arena Leipzig .

19th and 20th January – The Louisville Orchestra at the Kentucky Center, Louisville, KY.

21st and 22nd February – The Florida Orchestra at Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg, FL.

Moderator of the Month

Interview with the Firiel by the Realm of Vaire

What is the best thing about being a mod of the Sindarin forum?
Seeing people’s creativity and ingenuity demonstrated through their use of Sindarin, such as lovely poetry and short prose.

What do you like best about the Realm of Vaire?
The camaraderie and spirit of the Weavers, as well as their fondness for good discussion.

Who is your favorite Tolkien character and why?
It’s hard to choose, but probably Galadriel, because she was formerly proud and headstrong, but grew in wisdom as the ages passed.

If you could have one item from Middle-Earth what would it be?
Galadriel’s gift to Sam. It would be lovely to recreate a little bit of Lothlórien in the backyard.

When did you join CoE and why?
February 2002, it seems. I joined for the pretty pictures and the great conversation — as a budding community, CoE had this very welcoming air about it.

If Gandalf gave you an hour of his time to answer any questions you may have about ME what would be the top three you would ask?
If I actually had the opportunity, I would probably be absent-minded enough to forget what I wanted to know. That said:

1) Who — or what — is Tom Bombadil?

2) What were the fate of the elves who stayed behind in Middle-earth after the passing of Galadriel, Elrond, and their ilk? (e.g. Elladan, Elrohir, even Maglor!)

3) … And the fates of the Entwives?

You wake up in Meduseld between Legolas and Gimli. What has happened?
Nostalgic musings, jovial drunkeness, dares that would never be thought of in the cold light of day, splitting headaches, companionable silence under starry skies. In no particular order.

Out of all of Tolkien’s works which is your favorite?
Unfinished Tales, strangely enough. I love the detailed glimpses into different Ages, the tales, and how we see Tolkien’s Middle-earth constantly under revision.

Would you sail to the undying lands or stay in Middle-Earth?
A hard choice, but I’d stay in Middle-earth, I think. Mingling with the Elves and Valar I’m sure has many perks, but it would simply be exciting to live in a new Age finally free of Sauron, and full of development and potential.

If you were forced to spend a week with either Bill Ferny or Gollum which would you choose? Who would you wish you were spending that week with?
Gollum. We’d have amusing conversations about dietary preferences, jewellery, and the virtue of one’s company, though I would have to tread carefully around him. I’d gladly spend a week with Merry and Pippin instead.

Are you corrupted or uncorrupted?
Uncorrupted. ‘Corrupted’ is overrated.

Weaving Poetry by Rulea and contributing poets

Here are the winners…Morcollo, lilybeth, White_lady_of_Ithilien, Voronwevinyamar

Second Poetry Contest Tied First Place

by Morcollo

Am I lost in darkness, danger?
Am I a light within a light?
Are you the echo of my heartbeat, lover?
Or are you closer than the night?

Am I grasping at cobwebs, spider?
Are you the Ghost of Christmas Past?
Are we the angels of the fire, my darling?
Are we the first, or are we last?

Am I trapped? Am I tortured, shadow?
Am I a dreamer in a trance?
Is this the phantom of a lifetime’s longing?
Am I to even have a dance?

I know you’re death. You are resurrection.
You are the man above the strings.
I know you play me like a chess piece. Checkmate.
But you won’t let me see your wings.

Are we guessing? Are we Eve and Satan?
Are you the monster by the stairs?
I’ve said so much, but you’re silent always.
Am I the only one who cares?

Are you so dark, or is twilight changing?
Why do I always know your voice?
Am I the echo of your first song, singer?
Are we the consequence of choice?

You think I’m mad, but without this wonder
The world we have is less than dreams.
Why are there locks on a door that opens?
Because the door’s not what it seems.

Second Poetry Contest Tied First Place

Battle of Life
by Morcollo

Your life’s first dawn will start the fight
As green leaves strain towards the light.
“This,” said Spring, “Is my gift to you:
A spell of life and leaves and dew.”
She sang of the stars, the sun, and the moon.
The sapling of life will be a tree soon.

The Sun at its zenith and Summer’s heat.
The strength of your youth and the friends you’ll meet.
And Summer danced. “My gift to thee
Is body’s strength and mastery.”
But what of the beautiful things and brave
That Summer will give its strength to save?

A truce is called. You are too strong.
Now Sun will set, and Autumn’s long.
Then Autumn wept. “The gift I give
Is the knowledge of self you need to live.”
The gold sun falls beneath the ground,
And glorious, great, is the world you found.

The pale moon shines on a dome of stars.
Your fight was long. You bear its scars.
Now whispering Winter gives her gift.
“From you, doubt and fear I’ll lift.”
Follow her, dear one, follow her song
Among the stars, where you belong.

Second Poetry Contest Tied First Place

The Passing
by White_lady_of_Ithilien

By the lake she sat
under the golden trees
with the moon caught
in her raven hair
and the starlight
in her eyes.

At the sky she looked
the great mystery
that lay above her
tears on her face
feeling alone,
alone like never before

Abandoned was she
for her time had passed
everyone she loved
had passed;
everything she knew
had died.

Only death in front
gazing at the wasting years
Loneliness her only friend
and lores of missing.
She should pass across
beyond the circles of the world.

First Poetry Contest Tied First Place

Farewell, Dear One
by Voronwevinyamar

Time ebbs and flows
bringing treasures, new and old,
but taking with it,
things more precious.

My dear sister, you have left our story
our grand and glorious adventure together,
and begun your very own.
Time has closed our past chapters.

I remember the bright mornings
when you told me squash was cheese
and you were the Gypsy Queen
and I your kidnapped daughter.

I remember the lazy afternoons
you would take me driving
and we would dance in that small car
as if people weren’t actually staring at us.

I remember the evenings
when I would come home
and cry on your shoulder
because of days that tried my breaking point.

And I remember that one fateful day
when your eyes knew love
and He entered your life,
the One who would finally take your heart.

Then came the bright afternoon
when you walked down the petal-strewn isle
crowned in beauty
and a thin white veil.

It is here, my dear sister
I bid my faint adieu,
our story is over.
Only memories lie in our hearts,
while the moments remain lost and locked,
behind the unyielding doors of time.

Farewell my dear one,


Member of the Month

Interview with Dolwen by the Realm of Vaire

What was is about CoE that first drew your interest?

Actually it was learning Sindarin, strangely the one thing I haven’t spent much time on yet. Also the chance to discuss Tolkien with other fans because there is nobody in my life that shares my Tolkien obsession.

Which of the forums is your favorite and why?

Definitely Discuss the Books forum. Can’t really say why it is my favorite. I guess because there are so many interesting topics and it is a place to discuss all of Tolkien’s works. There are only so many discussions you can have about the movies but the books can go on forever.

If you had a chance to go to ME for a day and do whatever you wanted, where would you go and what would you do?
I guess that would depend on which age of ME I was allowed to visit. 1st age- I would want to see Menegroth and spend the day exploring with a guide who could tell me everything I wanted to know. 3rd age- I would want to go to Rivendell and just spend the day relaxing and listening to all the stories and songs.

Is there anything in Tolkien’s writing that has made you cry?
I got a little choked up at Sam’s lines when he thought Shelob had killed Frodo.

A Silmaril has fallen into your hands what would you do with it?

Well being and uncorrupted weaver, I of course would send it back to Valinor in hopes that the Two Trees could be re-made.

Christopher Tolkien is releasing and expanded version of his fathers Narn i Chin Hurin. Are there any tales that you would like to see fleshed out more fully and why?

I am very excited about the Children of Hurin’s release because it is my favorite Tolkien tale. But I would also like to see more detail about The Last Alliance.

When were you first introduced to Tolkien’s work?

Although I remember loving The Hobbit animated movie when I was a kid, I didn’t really know anything about Tolkien until I saw Fellowship on dvd. Like many others, I went out and got the books and was hooked after that.

Which is your favorite Tolkien work?

The Silmarillion, but especially the tale of Turin.

Who are your favorite authors, apart from Tolkien?
I don’t really have any other favorites. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of time to read with 3 kids and I haven’t had anything but Tolkien in my hand for a few years. (almost finished with the HoMe series).

You are a wonderful nature photographer-could you tell us a bit more about this, and your other interests?

I have always enjoyed photography and wanted to be a professional when I was younger, but unfortunately never had the opportunity. I can’t draw or write well so through a camera I am able to capture all the beautiful things there are to see. My other big interest is sewing. I enjoy making Halloween costumes for my sons, nieces and nephew each year. The costumes I am most proud of are The Lord of the Rings ones I made a couple of years ago. I am also addicted to Tolkien trivia

Corrupt weaver answers all

An interview with the corrupted pv by the uncorrupted members of Vaire

How did you become corrupted?

I have always been corrupt. When I was born, my mother was startled to notice a pair of bright green horns on my cute little head. Although my corruption was sadly repressed at school, college and work, it found expression once again under the liberating influence of Eressëa, the former Realm Leader of Vairë.

Do you find being on the side of evil depressing in anyway?

On the contrary, I find it tremendously, gloriously liberating.

We understand that there are persons in the realm who have already claimed to roles of both Morgoth, Sauron and Witchking, do you find yourself feeling somewhat inferior, as you don’t have a claim to these titles?

As some dumb poet wrote in the past, “A name, what’s in a name? A villain by any other name would still be as corrupt!”

How do you deal with being a minion and is it really worth the rings and fell beasts when your ultimately downfall is certain? Does your small amount of power given by your overlords really make it worth your ultimate fate?

Who says that my ultimate downfall is certain? And who says that I have only a small amount of power? I’ve learnt a thing or two from Celebrimbor, too! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

How do you feel about the changes the uncorrupted made to Mordor?

(The interviewee’s answer is to mime acute nausea.)

What would you do with the One Ring had you found it first?

Well, what would you do with it? Be honest, now! WAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

You were one of the members who did not wait for bribes before joining the cause of evil in the realm, what was it about the corrupted weavers that drew you into their service?

I quite simply took pleasure in their company.

Out of interest just how many shiny rings you managed to acquire since you started your work as a corrupter?

If you must know, the answer is 56743457778800001.

Who is the most annoying hero on the ‘good’ side and why?

To me, the good side is the corrupt side, and I have never met a villain I didn’t like.

What is it about Glorfindel that terrorizes your balrogs so much?

His state-of-the-art fire extinguisher. (Which I plan to destroy soon.)

Corrupt questions for the innocent

An interview with the uncorrupted weaver morcollo by the corrupted weavers of Vaire

What prompted you to remain uncorrupted, in the midst of so much corruption?

The angel on my shoulder decided to do its job for the first time in 15 years, and I didn’t fancy having to look after a fellbeast.

Don’t you find being on the good side boring?

Not at all. We throw good parties!

How do you feel about the changes you and the uncorrupted have made to Mordor?

Very pleased, although I feel guilty about suggesting that the orcs should wear tutus…

What would you do with the One Ring had you found it first? (Tell us the truth, now!)

Honestly? I’d probably put it down somewhere and forget where I left it.

What was it about the uncorrupted weavers that inspired you to join them?

I enjoy the company of the uncorrupted weavers, but I prefer to be on the winning side. And we get to hang out with elves!

Out of interest just how much good work have you done, since you started your resistance against corruption?

Umm, ski slope, rollercoaster, inviting Glorfindel to keep us company… we’re doing OK, I think!

Who is the most annoying villain on the ‘bad’ side and why?

I got threatened with a balrog attack when we started redecorating Mordor, so I’m not very fond of them. EM dressed as Glorfindel and scared them off, though. They’re not that bright.

What is it about Sauron & Co. that frightens you most?

They make the place look untidy!

When were you first introduced to Tolkien’s work, and which is your favourite?
I read LOTR when I was ridiculously young, and it’s still my favourite.

You are an accomplished poet – how did your interest in writing develop? And who are your favourite writers?
My favourite writer is Oscar Wilde, because he broke every rule, both in writing and in life – the main point is not that he was eventually imprisoned, but that he got away with so much before that. I started writing because… probably because it was the one way to star in the Nativity concert after years of being Inn-Keeper’s Wife #3. I’d rather be a songwriter than a poet (except I can’t sing or play an instrument) so my favourite ‘poems’ are Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones. Great to see an appreciation of classical poetry, isn’t it!

If you had a chance to take a holiday on Middle Earth, where would you choose to go?
Definitely Rivendell. In fact, I’d move there for good if I wouldn’t miss my computer (and family, of course, but they’re less useful)

Do feel that it’s possible for an Orc’s soul to be saved?
I’ve been a Weaver long enough to know that there’s always a balance, and if an elf can be corrupted, an orc can be redeemed (unless it’s hurt Elrond, in which case no force on Earth could save it from me!)

How do you spend your time, apart from redecorating Mordor?
Put it this way – if I spent as much time doing work as I do avoiding it, I’d probably be Prime Minister by now! Outside of school, I spend my time reading, writing, and sleeping (actually, I do all that in school, too!) and I like shopping. A busy life, isn’t it!

The Passive Resistance by Dolwen

A long long time ago in the Realm of Vaire, the lovely Elvishmusician attempted to rebel against the powers of corruption which had been overtaking the realm. So on the 10th day of May, she came up with a secret plan to redecorate Mordor. It wasn’t long before Rulea, Laergellwen, morcollo, delerithoflorien, Voronwevinyamar and myself joined in the fight. The battle waged for nearly six months but in the end it seems the uncorrupted weavers of Vaire have won and the newly decorated Mordor is open for business. Please join us below for the Grand Opening Tour.

Welcome guests to the Grand Opening of Ardae. I am Dolwen and I will be your tour guide today. As you will soon see, The Shadow no longer lies in Mordor! The land was purchased by the uncorrupted Weavers of Vaire from King Elessar in F.A. 100. Since then extensive renovations have taken place. Experts were brought in from all over Middle-Earth. The result are these luxury facilities you see in front of you. There is something to please everyone whether you be elf, dwarf, man or hobbit. If you will all please board the trolley the tour will begin.

You will notice as we go through the front gate previously called the Morannon, that things are much changed in this land. Notice the exotic flowering vines that cover the gate. These vines are exclusive to Ardae and grow nowhere else in Middle-Earth. So please don’t pick the flowers.

The first stop is Udun where you will find our hospitality staff ready to assist you with your check-in or any questions that might arise. If you look to your right you will see our first class stables where you will be provided with horses and carts for your traveling needs during your stay. On the left you will notice several restaurants and gift shop, which cater to the needs of every race.

As we pass in, you will notice that Ardae is surrounded by mountain ranges. These offer camping grounds, hiking trails, spelunking and much more.

Our next stop will be Mt. Doom. As we approach you will notice the fires have been greatly reduced. Many beautiful trees and flower beds have been planted at the base. The roadway up the mountain has been completely cleaned and repaired and guard rails have been installed for your safety. Sammath Naur has been renovated and turned into a coffee shop. This is a great place to sit around the fires on big comfy sofas and chat or maybe roast some marshmallows or sausages. The shop also features fresh popcorn, as well as chocolate and caramel fountains. However, the main attraction is the mithril plaque marking the place where Frodo Baggins of the Shire stood. By the way, the shop also sells Frodo Lives novelties.

We will now move on to the other side of the mountain where you will find a luxurious spa tucked away. It is a great place to relax in the hot mud baths or the saunas.

Next we will go by the Ruins of Barad-dur which have become an archaeological dig. You may sign up at the hospitality counter to take part in the dig. However, we require that security check all items you might find. We wouldn’t want any problems with magic rings now would we. This site is also the home of our state of the art Academy of Evil Training Center. So there is no need to worry about those nasty trolls, orcs and dragons as they have all been converted and trained. Many are now employed by Ardae. We also have Glorfindel as head of security so rest assured that your stay with us will be a peaceful one.

Next on the tour is Gorgoroth which has been beautifully converted into our very own Lothlorien forest with special thanks to the elves. The outdoors man will feel right at home here. There are many cabins and camp grounds as well as hiking trails. In the center you will find a large lawn that is perfect for parties. We have our very own party tree along with steamers, lanterns and banners. The party lawn is always decorated. It is the perfect place for games such as cricket and croquet. There are also many tables and barbecue grills for all of your party needs.

If you look to your left as we head down to the sea you will see the construction of a theme park taking place. Upon completion this spring our theme park will be the home of the largest roller coaster in Middle-Earth.

Here we are at the highlight of our tour, the Sea of Nurnen. It is now a beach resort. Surrounding the sea on three sides you will see our luxurious cabin each with a private dock and row boat. The sea has been stocked with tropical fish and features a coral reef for diving and snorkeling. The main strip has a large board walk with fine dining and shopping as well as night life. You will also find booths for renting sailboat, water skis and beach umbrellas.

Our final stop will be Minas Ardae formerly Minas Morgul. The facility has been completely renovated into a luxury hotel. As you can see the entrance is lined with weeping cherry trees. You will also find a garden here with gazebos, fountains and a butterfly garden. The perfect spot to relax. The breathe taking lobby features a five star restaurant and bar and the first floor is the home of our fabulous nursery. Some of the features of our nursery are bouncy castles, stuffed animal room, pastel wallpaper with bunnies and a game room. Your child will feel right at home here while you and your spouse enjoy an evening out.

As we conclude our tour and head back to the main gate, I would like to draw your attention to a few thing. First the former Morgai which is now a fun filled ski resort. Also, the Tower of Cirith Ungol which is now a multi- theater cinema complex featuring all the latest movies with digital picture and sound. And last to the pass of Cirith Ungol which is the perfect place to take in the sunset at the end of your day.

This concludes our tour. If you would like to make reservations please see the hospitality desk on the way out. Thank you for visiting with us today.

Tolkien and Beowulf by Dolwen

“One writes such a story out of the leaf-mould of the mind.” J.R.R. Tolkien.

Beowulf is an Old English poem believed to have been written between the middle of the seventh century and the end of the tenth century A.D. The poem is about a warrior named Beowulf, who, after hearing of trouble the Danes across the sea were having with a monster, takes fourteen men and goes to their aid. While there, he faces and defeats two monsters and is rewarded by the king of that land. He then returns home, later becomes king himself, and lives in peace until the dragon comes.

Tolkien developed a fascination with languages at a young age. The thought of studying Old English, the language of his ancestors, especially appealed to him. He was given an Old English primer and was soon translating passages with ease. When he discovered Beowulf he read it first in translation and then in the original language and “found it to be one of the most extraordinary poems of all time.” He later went on to teach Beowulf to his students and to write an essay on it.

Most scholars in Tolkien’s time believed Beowulf to have no significance as a work of art, but only as a historical document to be studied. They thought it a defect that the monsters in Beowulf were given priority in the poem while the important historical references were pushed to the side. Unlike most scholars, Tolkien understood the significance of the monsters in Beowulf and the use of references to the past, which in Tolkien’s view gave the poem an “illusion of depth.” Tolkien had this to say in response, “Beowulf is in fact so interesting as poetry in places so powerful, that this quite overshadows the historical content.” Tolkien’s strong disagreement with the scholars is what prompted him to write his essay “Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics” which would forever change how the poem was viewed.

It is clear that the monsters in Beowulf had an impact on Tolkien as he went on to use many of them in his own writings. But, it is also clear that the use of references to the past and kennings (a poetic phrase used in place of the usual name of a person or thing), were also taken up by Tolkien, because of the many references to the Eldar Days which are present in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Tolkien had this to say about the influence of Beowulf on his work. “Beowulf is one of my most valued sources though it was not consciously present to the mind in the process of writing.” Beowulf may not have been consciously present to Tolkien’s mind, but the influences can be seen even as far back as the Silmarillion writings. This is said of Beowulf:

“He has in his hand grip the strength of thirty men, a man famous in battle. Holy God of His Grace has sent him to us West Danes as I hope, against the terror of Grendel.”

It is also told that Beowulf is a very great warrior who enjoys contests of strength. And this is said of Tulkas:

“Greatest in deeds of strength and prowess is Tulkas…He came last to Arda, to aid the Valar in the first battles with Melkor. He delights in wrestling and in contests of strength…his weapons are his hands.”

Beowulf also has an episode of a lone dragon fight that is similar to Turin battling Glaurung:

“For Sigemund there sprang up after his death-day, no little glory-after he, hardy in war, had killed the dragon, keeper of the treasure-hoard: under the hoary stone the princes son had ventured alone, a daring deed, nor was Fitela with him. Yet it turned out well for him so that his sword went through the gleaming worm.”

When Tolkien rewrote Turin’s tale into prose form he did so in the same style that was used for Beowulf.

Influences can also be found in The Hobbit. Beowulf is one of fifteen men that go on the quest to the King of the Danes, as Bilbo is one of fifteen on the Quest of Erebor. Beowulf also finds an ancient blade “that shines with a light from within” in the cave of Grendel’s mother, who is said to be a troll. However, the most significant similarity is the dragon. The episode of Bilbo “the thief” sneaking into the dragon’s lair and stealing a cup is very much like the dragon episode at the end of Beowulf:

“He (Beowulf) held it well fifty winters (the kingship); he was a wise king an old guardian of the land. Until in the dark nights a certain one, a dragon, which on the high heath kept watch over a hoard, a steep stone barrow. Beneath lay a path unknown to men. By this, there went inside a certain man, who made his way near to the heathen hoard; his hand took a cup, large and shining treasure. The dragon did not afterwards conceal it, though in his sleep he was tricked by the craft of the thief. That the people discovered the neighboring folk- that he was swollen with rage.”

I find the influences strongest in The Lord of the Rings, especially with the Rohirrim. Not only did Tolkien model the language of Rohan on Old English, their way of life, customs, and even some of their names, such as Eomer and Hama, can be found in Beowulf. Meduseld resembles Heorot ( the mead-hall of Hrothgar, the king of the Danes) and is even referred to in Beowulf as the golden-hall. Hrothgar, like Theoden is an aged king who is faced with evil near the end of his days. The laying aside of the weapons upon entrance to Meduseld in the Two Towers reminds me of Beowulf‘s coming to Heorot.

“I am the door ward of Theoden he said. Hama is my name. Here I bid you lay aside your weapons before you enter.”

And from Beowulf: “ Now you may come in your war-dress under your battle helmets, to see Hrothgar. Let your war shields, your wooden spears await here the outcome of the talk.”

There are also episodes in Beowulf of the royal women bearing cups to the honored guests, as Eowyn does. The similarities are not to Rohan alone. For example, the funerals in Beowulf are reminiscent of Boromir’s funeral. I also found it interesting that Beowulf has an episode of a melting blade:

“Then the blade began to waste away from the battle-sweat, the war sword into battle-icicles…that was a wondrous thing that it should all melt.”

Of course, these are just a few examples that barely scratch the surface. There are more similarities and deeper themes that both Beowulf and Tolkien’s works share. However, I find as a Tolkien fan that it is exciting to read something as old as Beowulf and find things that remind you in some way of the wonderful stories we have all come to love. I was delighted the first time I read Beowulf and found the words Middle-Earth in its lines. I hope that more Tolkien fans will read Beowulf for themselves and gain a deeper love for the world Tolkien created for us.