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Warm Knitted Cloak

So, here’s my instructions for a Knitted Cloak! I used a size 10 USA needle. I will insist you find out the X measurement, and that is the length from the bottom of your elbow (bent and hanging straight down from your shoulder) to the ankle. This is the only variable for my pattern. It […]

Elven Inspired Earrings

These earrings are easy to make and elongate the ear, giving it an appearance of slightly pointed ears. What you need: • Wire (20 gauge is preferred because it is the size of the pin part of the earring, though a smaller gauge is slightly easier to work with. Also, a soft wire that is […]

Accessories: Make Your Own Near-Instant Rings of Power

“Three Rings for the Elven-kings…” Have you ever had one of those days where you just had to be Elvish? Where putting on your flowingest clothing and braiding your hair into complex patterns didn’t help? Where it just felt … incomplete, and you didn’t have the time, the energy, or the money to buy yourself […]

Costumes: Kaylin’s LARP Dress–LotR Rivendell Elf Style

~ by Kaylin Thus far, I have my pattern chosen, as well as the buttons for the dress I’ll be making. I have a few ideas in mind on modifications, because I don’t want an exact replica of the dress (gorgeous as it is, it is just not practical for fighting and running around, as […]

Costumes: Elven & Gondorian Gowns by ArwenLegolas

All of the costumes were made by my husband on a regular domestic sewing maching, (except for the Hobbit costume in the very 1st photo). This was my first gown, made with Butterick pattern # 3552: CJ and I First Middle-earth Birthday Party Glamour shot of my first Elven gown The White Gown was inspired […]

Easy-made Elven Necklaces for Ever-sparkling Evenings

You need: 1.5 m beading thread: Ø 0,25 mm seed beads clasp 8 pyramid beads 3 crystal beads little silver amulet 2 special beads In the diagram below, the red arrow is the starting point of threading. It indicates the middle of the thread. The red line is one end of the thread, the blue […]

Sewing Dressy Clothes with an Elven Touch: Sample garments w/photos

by Andreth Laiqualasse A Christmas Dress Throughout the recent years following the release of the LOTR films, I have found that with a little research and creativity, one can give handmade dressy clothes a real Elvish flare, without making them look too costumy. My first attempt was a Christmas dress made from Butterick pattern 4018, […]

A Guide to the Apparel of Middle Earth

Middle-earth is made up of various races. But what’s a race without its individuality? Each one has a different look, a different feel. These looks are strongly depicted in the clothing worn by each race and culture, a diversity of garb borne of many generations of development. The clothing of the Hobbits shows their simple […]

Costumes: lightning_princess17’s Costumes

Galadriel Garb Dress– For Galadriel I started with a Style pattern 1204 view 1. It was a size 8 pattern but had to have a lot of adjusting done; the skirt part gave way too much space so I had to leave an entire section of it out. I had almost no money to spend […]

Costumes: Farmboy’s Aragorn at the Battle of Hornburg

I wore this costume to the opening day of Return of the King. It consists of: Chain-maille hauberk Sleeveless leather jerkin Red shirt Black pants Vambraces Belt Boots Sword Ring of Barahir Gloves The chain-maille took the longest to make — 2 months to the day. I started with a roll of galvanized steel fence […]