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'Faux' Wine (V)

Description: This is good for those who are not inclined to drink 'real' wine.

Submitted by Saelwen_Silivren on 2004-06-04 09:22:49

Ainu Alassë's Miruvor (V)

Description: The cordial of Imladris re-made for the 7th Age. Discovered in the Ancient Text of Mithlond in the Realm of Lindon.

Submitted by KingdomWarrior on 2002-11-19 02:50:13

Arwen's Banana split

Description: A really easy and delicious dessert for two. Basically you can use whatever ice cream and fruits you like.

Submitted by ~figwit~ on 2005-10-02 04:02:04

Arwen's Berry Heavenly Lembas Cake

Description: A strawberry treat worthy of the elven princess herself.

Submitted by Mallovoriel on 2004-09-12 12:00:29

Arwen's Chocolate Cake (V)

Description: This is chocolate cake is supposed to be a bit sticky

Submitted by ~figwit~ on 2005-05-17 03:31:42

Arwen's Coconut Kisses (V)

Description: They're girly and sweet but have a kick too...just like Arwen!

Submitted by jazzamattaz on 2004-01-25 12:17:07

Arwen's Fruit and Cheese Salad (V)

Description: A light, fruity salad that the Elves take pride in making, and pride in serving to their guests.

Submitted by tarkena on 2004-04-17 05:42:25

Arwen's Fruit Squares (V)

Description: are delicious, For a yummy twist try these streusel/fruit bars warm with vanilla ice cream.

Submitted by ShieldMaiden777 on 2003-09-23 11:13:08

Arwen's Heaven (V)

Description: A light creamy smoothie with a heavenly fruity taste!

Submitted by Arwen1082 on 2004-05-26 17:20:53

Arwen's Strawberry Delight Dessert Salad

Description: Arwen's favorite sweet treat!

Submitted by _Lady_Of_The_Wood_ on 2004-08-08 13:26:55

Arwen's Strawberry Shortcake (V)

Description: This scrumptious cake will have you walking in the air, it's that light!

Submitted by Dancingelves on 2004-04-14 16:53:37

Arwen's White Chocolate Dream Dessert with Summer Berries (V)

Description: A perfectly enlightening dessert, Arwen’s favourite white chocolate tart, served with fresh berries and dusted with icing sugar.

Submitted by arisavvy on 2003-11-18 07:46:07

Arwen’s Rivendell Fluff

Description: This delightful fluff will have you soaring to Rivendell.

Submitted by elvenprincess on 2003-12-08 16:07:02

Aurora Strawberry Ice (V)

Description: As light and ethereal as a summer morning.

Submitted by Scothia on 2003-07-15 19:12:05

Avandor Apple Rolls (V)

Description: Easy treats for little elfings

Submitted by Electra_Calen on 2004-08-02 19:23:45

Bees of Rivendell (V)

Description: A tasty morsel that is a fine Elvish delicacy. Good for entertaining the little ones too.

Submitted by tarkena on 2004-06-07 04:09:34

Beetroot Stew a la Rivendell

Description: Creamy stew to fill warriors' stomachs after a long orc-hunt.

Submitted by Lollypop on 2003-01-24 14:09:44

Beleg's Blueberry Muffins (V)

Description: A light and tasty treat for warriors-on-the-go.

Submitted by EldarExilePrincess on 2003-08-12 19:33:33

Bilbo's Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Dessert

Description: A rich dessert that's easy to make, one of Bilbo's favorites!

Submitted by _Lady_Of_The_Wood_ on 2004-08-21 15:36:39

Blessed Mocha Creams (V)

Description: A rich indulgent dessert that could topple kindoms in the wrong hands. Best it stays in the Blessed Realm!

Submitted by Wulf_Sternhammer on 2004-06-08 07:58:31