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Frugal Elven Mirror

A mirror can add a nice elvish touch to that blank wall you just don’t know what to do with. What you need: -A small round mirror -A thin round piece of plywood, the same shape but slightly larger than your mirror -Decorative leaves, ivy, flowers, or other things that give an elven impression -Hot […]

Elven Realms: Easy “Elven” Touches with Paint for your walls.

Hi Everyone!! Mae-govannen (for our elven friends) Ever notice the Marble-like or Stone-like texture of the walls in Rivendell? Well now you can achieve that wonderful “Elvish” stone effect in your own home! Behr paint now has textured paints! These textured paints can be tinted to whatever color you need. (just like regular paints) When […]

Lord of the Rings Window Art

Lord of the Rings Window Art What you will need 1 plastic page protector fabric paint This little craft is very easy and only takes a few minutes. The fellowship brooch is my example 1. Pick out a design. Example: Fellowship leaf brooch (something simple) 2. Outline the picture in fabric paint on the page […]

Middle-earth: Easy Crafts for Decorating

Here are few ideas for adding a Middle Earth look to any bedroom! Elven Jewelry Hanger Level of difficultly: 5 Add a touch Elven of elegance with this easy to make jewelry hanger. Supplies Sandpaper Carved leaf wood strip of your desired size (I found mine at a craft supply store for about $4) Acrylic […]

Middle-earth: Incense

Incense has been used since biblical times to create certain moods or atmospheres. Many religions use incense in their places of worship to create a sense of the divine. It is often used to bless rooms or houses or simply to create a calm atmosphere for meditation. But of course many people already know this, […]

Rohan: Meduseld Decorating

~ Faramirs_first_kiss The most prominent features of the gloriously decorated Golden Hall of Edoras are the raised golden designs that cover the walls, and they’re really easy to reproduce to decorate your bedroom, schoolbook, clock, you name it. Some people might have the skill and equipment needed to make these designs out of wood but […]

Mordor: Orc Bedrooms – A General Guide

When looking through the Homely House section I realized there was nothing for the Sauron minions of Tolkien. So, I’ve put together this article for the more evil of us to be able to find something to use when decorating their bedrooms. Step One: Colors The suggested colors to complete an orcish look are black […]

Middle-earth: Middle-earth Cushions

You can find cushions with an elvish or Middle-earth feel in department stores or in markets. I picked up some from a shop near my local mall as shown above. However, you can also decorate your own, which also looks very effective. Here’s how. Beaded Cushions You will need: A cushion and a cushion cover […]

Middle-earth: Tolkien Fantasies for Your Dorm Room!

Decorating a dorm room is always a challenge, given that, at most schools, you aren’t allowed to paint or hang things with nails or screws. In addition, storage quickly becomes a problem. But it becomes even more difficult for someone seeking the elegance of an Elvish home, the homey appeal of a smial, or the […]

Elven Realms: Elven Wall Ivy

There are many ways to spruce up your room to look like a place from Middle Earth, and here’s another one: paint your walls with ivy to look a bit more Elvish. Materials Needed: Tubes of acryllic paint (shades of green, or whatever colors you want) A stencil brush and a small, regular paint brush […]