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Bacon and Cabbage Khazad

Description: What to serve a crew of Mithril miners at the end of a hard day? Present this hearty dish and watch their eyes light up!

Submitted by Scothia on 2002-09-16 22:59:30

Cram (V)

Description: The famed cake of the Dwarves!

Submitted by KingdomWarrior on 2002-11-18 17:50:25

Dragon Tails (Easy Version)

Description: Not as much work.

Submitted by Saelwen_Silivren on 2004-06-04 08:45:23

Dragon's Tail

Description: It's like a very large and juicy sausage-roll! Yum!

Submitted by Saelwen_Silivren on 2004-06-04 08:42:14

Dwarf Braided Hair Bread (V)

Description: A type of bread that resembles the thick braids of the Dwarves. It has been passed down from generation to generation.

Submitted by ShotoKid on 2004-10-14 16:14:17

Dwarven Hearth Cream Biscuits (V)

Description: The best-kept secret in Moria! These easy and unbelievably moist biscuits split perfectly and make the perfect accompaniment for a steaming pot of soup or stew.

Submitted by Emerald_ShireDweller on 2004-01-21 21:09:02

Dwarven Soda Bread (V)

Description: A great favorite among dwarves in Middle- earth, this is easy to make, very filling, and a great snack when mining for mithril.

Submitted by admin on 2003-01-29 18:40:55

Dwarven Spiced Potatoes

Description: This filling dish is legendary in Khazad-dum.

Submitted by KaraC on 2003-09-30 15:36:49

Gimli's Afternoon Snack

Description: A hearty Potato dish that satisfies even the most hungry dwarf. Loaded with meat and Vegetables

Submitted by ArwenLegolas on 2004-06-26 12:35:42

Gimli's favorite leg of lamb

Description: Roast leg of lamb stuffed with fresh rosemary and garlic

Submitted by kalliedraco87 on 2004-07-19 19:55:15

Gimli's Hot Chicken Salad

Description: Delicious!

Submitted by BlackRider1424 on 2004-09-14 08:47:05

Gimli's Super-Hot Jalapeno Soup

Description: 'Tis rumored that Thorin Oakenshield himself brought this secret recipe back after his long journey.

Submitted by Lady~Culin on 2003-08-27 15:46:17

Hall of the Lords Beer Fowl

Description: Roasted chicken marinated in beer and spices to complement a hearty drink.

Submitted by Ascalonnion on 2003-02-05 02:44:06

Hearty Mountain Oat Pancakes (V)

Description: These thick, tasty, and nutritious pancakes are perfect for a frosty autumn or winter morning up in the mountains.

Submitted by Zoe on 2003-08-29 19:11:11

Kili and Fili's Misty Mountain Corn Chowder

Description: Fuel for your fiddle playing Dwarvish friends.

Submitted by Sailasiro on 2005-10-08 16:37:52

Malt Beerrrrr (V)

Description: Traditional beer (non-alcoholic!) Best imbibed in large caves with angular decor.

Submitted by Lollypop on 2003-01-09 15:19:52

Mîm's Meaty Meatballs

Description: A great recipe passed down through the ages of Middle-earth.

Submitted by Annûniel on 2005-05-03 09:57:21

Miner's Morsels (V)

Description: Hearty biscuits keep the deep tummies of Dwarves full while working.

Submitted by M on 2002-09-13 19:29:42

Moria Meltdown (V)

Description: A delicious chocolate dessert, resembling a soufflé, yet with a soft, gooey center.

Submitted by Rancor on 2004-10-20 07:34:50

Quest for Mithril Roast Mutton

Description: Seasoned, barbecued lambchops. Great for the more formal dinner (without trolls.)

Submitted by KingdomWarrior on 2002-11-18 17:32:42